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On-demand delivery has a new look!

When our team first began exploring the delivery sector, we were surprised by how many couriers were having a terrible experience at work every day.

Exploitative conditions and pay had become the norm in the delivery world. The internet is full of horror stories. Something had to change.

We launched Ryders to bring our extensive gig economy expertise to a new market. A market that we think needed a makeover.

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Our inspiration

Something felt broken in the world of door-to-door delivery.

As consumers we found ourselves increasingly frustrated with late or lost orders, sloppy food, little notes that replaced missed deliveries, rude couriers, inflexible slots....the list went on.

But then we took a look from the other side and OMG! We found couriers enduring sub-minimum wage pay with virtually no support, little transparency in the role, harsh penalties, no flexibility, not enough work, in the cold and the rain. Sometimes even going hungry while delivering food! Not cool.

From discount coupons to tax advice or even mobile tipping technology... If you think your brand might add value and be a good fit for the couriers in our community, get in touch!

Our mission

We’re building a last mile marketplace that puts riders first.

We're helping them get more work, better pay, improved conditions, streamlined delivery routes, financial assistance, on-the-job perks and much more all through one centralised app.

And if you're a company and you are reading this, we want you to know this is great news for you too. We've learnt from years of experience that when people are respected, treated fairly, paid appropriately, incentivised and listened to they do a better job for you. Pretty obvious we think.

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We listened, now watch us deliver

"You can't complain, because if you don't do this work, someone else will. With this high demand, one can go out the delivery business, a hundred new delivery guys come in. If it wasn't for my family, I'd be depressed, I'd die."

They are making us work weekends, every day, or we face the risk of getting blocked.

"The pandemic has tripled the number of deliveries. [The companies] have no responsibility to the worker, they can have as many workers as they want. It's a paradise for them."

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