Going the last mile

We're a brand new, on-demand marketplace connecting you with last-mile delivery riders and drivers.

We connect

Our ambition is to redefine last mile delivery in the gig economy. Delivery couriers are the backbone of a booming industry but still don't get treated as they should. We believe that when riders and drivers are unhappy, it also affects you.

That’s why we are #ridersfirst. Taking care of them, means we’re taking care of you too.

Ryders is a brand new, venture-capital backed marketplace that connects you, the business, with couriers delivering in the 'last mile.'

We support businesses of all sizes who need help delivering both scheduled and on-demand orders.

Our customers come from a whole range of areas including restaurants, grocery, supermarket, e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical and logistics.

Watch us deliver

Here are some of the ways we think Ryders
benefits you.

  • Reduced delivery costs (the big guys are taking all of your margin, right?)
  • Faster, more flexible service and amazing customer support
  • Better real-time availability of local riders and drivers
  • Happier higher quality couriers
  • Streamlined management of spikes in demand
  • No onboarding of workforce required
  • Green vehicles available as required

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